Limnophila sessiliflora

 Item specifics

Height : Stem with 15cm – 40cm

Plant Type : Stem Plant

Temperature : 22- 28° C

Light Requirements : Medium – High

Growth : Fast

Family : Scrophulariaceae

Demand : Easy

Origin : South-East Asia

Item Description

Limnophila sessiliflora is a good and undemanding plant which is a good alternative to Cabomba, which demands a lot of light. The plant often grows leggy in poor light, but this can be counteracted to some extent by stimulating growth by CO2 addition. Most beautiful when planted in groups. In good growing conditions it sends out runners and spreads across the bottom. Limnophila sessiliflora used to be called “Ambulia”.

The pruning of Limnophila sessiliflora are similar to many other stem plants. Topping and replanting is the best method. Letting it reach the surface allows it to produce many side shoots where it will readily produce emergent growth. This plant grows like the weed it is, however, so frequent pruning will be necessary (especially in high light aquariums). The development of flowers is rare, but the single blue, violet, pink or lavender flowers are produced on the emergent part of the stem.


USD$ 2.99 for 8 stems with Free Shipping via air mail.

Payment method

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Shipping method

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Packaging and Handling

We would use the excellent package that issued the most protection for the fresh and beautiful plants.

Plants Arrival Caution

During the shipment, although any leaves might incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. It could be revived in a suitable environment for living. So please don’t worry about these conditions, leaves will spread to the normal status.


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