Myriophyllum Elatinoides

Item specifics

Height : stem with 5 – 10cm

Plant Type : Stem Plant

Temperature : 22- 28° C

Light Requirements : Medium

Growth : Fast

Family : Haloragaceae

Demand : Easy

Origin : Mexico/South America

Item Description

This is one of the most decorative milfoils. It is predominantly green coloration will not redden as much as that of other Myriophyllum species. Ample light and not too soft water will promote lush growth. This species is the most common one in Dutch style tanks.

Price & Payment method &Shipping method

(Please kindly click this link for processing my eBay listing.)

Packaging and Handling

We would use the excellent package that issued the most protection for the fresh and beautiful plants.

Plants Arrival Caution

During the shipment, although any leaves might incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. It could be revived in a suitable environment for living. So please don’t worry about these conditions, leaves will spread to the normal status.


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