Chihiros LED Lighting System A-Series

It is the new series LED lighting system by Chihiros Aquatic Studio. It is competitive, brightness and economy for the worldwide aquatic hobbyists, no matter how far of your country. This economy product must be the best choice for you.

It is also brightness, even the cheap price. It is made of high brightness white LED core, so it optimizes the configuration of LED system, meanwhile improved the light distribution. This optimization has achieve d the top of LED lighting system levels. So it is more helpfully for growing your live plants. Chihiros Aquatic Studio are the first who has researched the LED for live plants with the Japanese Light Development Source Center.

First truly grass cylinder developing special slide, with high color rendering HCRI, by CHIHIROS and Japan special cooperative development of full-spectrum white light LED light factory, color rendering than 88% can render any object closest to the natural color, efficiency of photosynthesis (PAR) can be completely comparable to traditional T8 & T5 lamp. LED 0.3W power core, but exported as 0.5W of effect. It’s lifetime around 30000 – 50000 hours.

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