NemoLight 18W Aqua Fresh LED Lighting Middle Power Planted Version

Tank Length Suggestion 40CM – 60CM
Lighting Cover Size W200x D160 x H12.5mm
Stand Size H80mm
Power Consumption 18Watts
LED Quantity 0.5 watt / 37 pcs SMD5730
Color Temperature Around 8000K
Power Input 100V – 240V

Unibody design with whole aluminum housing
12.5mm thin, slim & exquisite looks
No fan, quiet working
Made-up with high quality 0.5 watt SMD white, blue, red, green LEDs
Built-in controller with timer & dimmer to simulate sunrise & sunset
External UL approval power supply with DC24V output to ensure safety operation
Adjustable bracket for easy mounting on different size tanks
Removable parts, easy maintenance – One-year full warranty




Bracket Application & Installation

aqualight18w-10 aqualight18w-11




Keys instruction



Indicator lights instruction

Orange T : Timer on
White W : white channel selected
Blue B : blue channel selected


As long as the light is powered on, it will work all day with full light on, timer is off.

Timing setting

“12H” is 12 hours daylight, 12 hours moonlight.
Press “12H”, then press “+, -” to adjust the daylight hours, the rest in 24 hours are for moonlight.
For example, current time is 8:00 am, set 12 hours daylight, then the light will last 12 hours daylight
(to 8:00 pm) then turn into moonlight directly.

Daylight intensity setting

Press “channel” to select white/blue channel, press “+, -” to adjust the intensity
(default is 100% blue, 100% white).

Moonlight intensity setting

Press “12H” for 3 seconds, after a long sound, press “channel” to select white/blue channel,
press “+, -” to adjust the intensity (default is 5% blue, 0% white).

Settings will be saved automatically in 15 seconds, or press “Thunderstorm” directly to save settings fast.

Default settings

12 hours daylight (100% blue, 100% white), 12 hours moonlight (5% blue, 0% white).
Press “12H” to run the default settings directly.

When daylight and moonlight interchange, the intensity will change with stepless in 3 minutes to
simulate the sunrise & sunset.

When the program is set, it will run in a 24-hour cycle.


1. Settings will not be kept if power cut off (it does not matter to turn off the light by “on/off” key).
2. Light will run based on settings as soon as it saved, so the best time to set up the timing is 6am~8am.

Separate Timing for white/blue channel

e.g. set White channel 8:00AM ON, 8:00PM OFF, Blue channel 7:00 AM ON, 9:00 PM OFF.

1. Press “12H” to set both white/blue channels 8:00 AM ON, 8:00 PM OFF.
2. Hold on “Thunderstorm” 3 seconds, then press “Channel” to select the Blue channel.
4. Press “+” to add 1 hour, it will increase 1 hour for both ON and OFF timing.
5. Press “Thunderstorm” directly to save settings fast.
6. White channel can be set the same way if need.

What will you get for the package?



Warranty Clauses

1. NemoLight lights are warranted against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the purchase date with free
2. Replacements are warranted for a period of THREE (3) MONTH.
3. Warranty does not cover the following damage(s): product been modified, improper
installation or use, improper clean, electrical surges, or nature caused damage.
4. Warranty does not cover the loss of third party with direct or indirect damage(s)

Warning & Clean

1. NemoLight lights are moisture-proof only. Do not use outdoors or submerge in water.
2. Be careful to use in extremely bad weather as storm or typhoon which might cause
electrical cases.
3. Unplug fixture before cleaning.
4. Do not use cleaning sprays. Wipe with a dry or lightly damp cloth to clean.

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