Aluminum Co2 Regulator Double Gauge + Bubble Counter with Check Valve KIT SET WYIN G5/8 CGA320



Two standards of thread for worldwide :


International standard of G5/8approximate 23mm.


Canada & U.S.A. standard of CGA320, approximate 20mm.


New technology of High quality aluminium alloy material made.

Stainless steel made internal metal needle valve body for avoid the friction from brass to brass to decrease the accuracy.

DIY idea for easy replace the internal needle when the needle valve is jammed inside.

Double gauge designed for more accurately adjusting.


Remark :

1 MPA = 10 KGS / cm2 = 145 PSI

International size of G5/8 valve of regulator for pressurized bottle.


Co2 Regulator x 1

Bubble Counter x 1

Seal O-ring x 1

Wrench x 2

Passed License x 1

Example-Page. 1/3

Example-Page. 2/3

Example-Page. 3/3



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