Aquarium WabiKusa LED Lighting System Chihiros Simple Woods




The LED were developed with the best technology by a Japanese factory that their special technology focus on the light. It is very high quality of HCRI to 88% or more. It could shine everything with very natural original color for photosynthesis. So, it must be well suitable for Wabi Kusa aquascape tank, and better than traditional T8 & T5 Tube Lighting.

LED lighting main body : 180 x 68 x 10 (mm)

100% Acrylic stand body : 258 x 100 x 330 (mm)

100% Wooden bottom stand : 268 x 150 (mm)

Power Consumption : 13.5 Watts

LED light bulb : 27 pieces / 0.5 Watts per bulb

Color Temperature : approximate 7000k

Provided 3 types of power support for worldwide aquatic hobbyist as follows.



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