Aquarium Garden Mats Base Underlay 5mm Bottom Tank

20 x 20cm

25 x 25cm

30 x 18cm

30 x 30cm

36 x 22cm

40 x 40cm

45 x 30cm

45 x 45cm

60 x 30cm

60 x 45cm

90 x 45cm

120 x 45cm

120 x 50cm

150 x 50cm

150 x 60cm

180 x 60cm

This is a shock-absorbing mat, designed for placing between the aquarium tank and aquarium cabinet.
Please make sure to confirm there is no foreign on the aquarium cabinet or on the garden mat before the replacement of the garden mat.
Do not leave the garden mat under the sunlight, if it is exposed to the sunlight, it will become discoloring, shrinkage, and deformation.
Please trim the size according to the actual aquarium tank before use.
The mat is 5mm thick.

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