Pro DIY Co2 Generator System Kit Aluminum Alloy with Bubble Counter Check Valve WYIN

100% brand new DIY Co2 generator system
Easy to set up, elaborate, accurate, stable and safe
Promoting plants growing, low cost, efficient
Universal designed, fits most tanks or aquariums

Concise design, Aluminum alloy uni-body, firm and not aging
Elaborate Aluminum alloy cap, avoid aging lead to explosive
The whole copper needle valve fine-tuning, adjust accurately and stably
With a safety valve, automatic relief if the pressure is greater than 4kg
To ensure safety, carbonated beverage bottle confined 8kg
Manual pressure relief valve lift ring, can be relieved even below 4kg pressure
Equipped with a filter, removable and cleanable, prevent the pipeline jam
All parts gasket seal, removable and replaceable

Other material you need to prepare (NOT included):
200g x Citric acid powder or Vinegar
200g x Baking Soda powder
2 x Soft drink bottles (2 Liter)

Package Includes:
1 x Aluminum main body (with a Pressure Gauge and a Regulator on it)
1 x Bubble Counter and Check Valve
1 x safety valve
2 x Spare Seal Ring
Corresponding pipe fittings

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