Penfolds Bin 8 Cabernet Shiraz Red Wine 2012

“A contemporary fresh/bright expression of Australian Cabernet Shiraz, approachable earlier.”
“This is not a baby 389, nor does it pretend to be … it’s yet another duet from two proven varieties that meld and synergise effortlessly.”

McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Upper Adelaide
With above-average winter rainfalls and cool conditions that followed during the spring period, South Australian regions generally experienced a later budburst and disease pressures impacted to varied degrees across the state. Meticulous vineyard management was critical. Walking the vineyards in spring, soil moisture levels resulted in healthy shoot growth and early canopy development. Healthy vegetative growth continued during the cooler spring months and delayed veraison and berry development in the new year. A few warm days at the end of January guaranteed the completion of veraison and commencement of the ripening season. Multiple rain events, often isolated, meant that attention to sub-regional detail was required with selective harvesting of pristine fruit. Low baumes at harvest coincided with flavour development. With a focus on warmer regions, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley fruit sourcing prevailed.
62% Cabernet, 38% Shiraz.

Looking for the red wine buyer for worldwide.

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