D501 DIY Co2 Generator System Kit

D501 Instruction


DIY Co2 Generator Main Body x 1

Needle valve x 1

Pressure Gauge with build in safety valve x 1

Complete connecting air tubing x 1

Well suitable for DIY Co2 system and low cost planted tank use..

Getting Basic, Easy set up, Simply, Nano, Cool, Low Price, Good Looking!

It is suitable for a lot of size of tank, depended on how many materials for the system.

You could refer the diffusion result on my YouTube video as above.

It’s really worth to try and using it.


What do you need to prepare for building up the system?

200g of Citric acid powder or Vinegar

200g Baking Soda powder

Soft drink 2 Litre bottle (Suggestion : Coka Cola plastic bottle) x 2

The bottle must be carbonated beverage bottle, do not use pulpy, green tea, mineral water bottles, etc.
trimming valve regulation avoid by sudden big or small, can’t suddenly turn up, after immediately shut down again, so as not to cause abnormal pressure to the bottle.
Pay attention: Make sure carefully observe the direction of the parts before assembly. The usual wrong handle way will cause abnormal reaction components as follow: the contrary direction of the check valve and fine-tuning in the direct

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