Aquarium Aluminum Co2 Diffuser for Live Plants Tank

Aluminum Co2 Diffuser x 1

Suction Cup(Premium) x 4

Air Tubing(Soft) x 100 cm

It must be an excellent choice for you if you wanna a hard and cool diffuser for using long long time. That’s just new designed for the aquatic market! 

It is made of high quality aluminum, so it is a hard diffuser that make you convenience, don’t need to care if it was easy to broken. You can also change or take out for cleaning the ceramic disc.

Well suitable for pressurized Co2 system.

Getting Basic, Easy, Simply, Nano, Cool, Low Price, Good Looking!

It is suitable for a lot of nano to big size of tank.

You could refer the diffusion result on my YouTube video as above.

It’s really worth to try and using it.



Bubbles may gather in the diffuser on the first days of use and will generally disappear in 24 hours. After a long period of use, it’s possible that the air is hard to get out from the diffuser or algae may jam it, then you can soak it in bleaching liquid or replace it.

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