SK ATOMIZER SYSTEM II Glass Aquarium Co2 Diffuser for Hose 12/16MM

SK ATOMIZER SYSTEM is come back now! We re-designed to change the part of the way for connecting the air tubing.

If you are looking for a economy glass Co2 diffuser that could be used with the outlet of the water tube and flow everywhere in the tank.

It must be an excellent choice for you and it’s worth you to try and own it.

It is made of very high quality crystal glass and a great technology of handicraft, so it might have a little error or difference between these photos , but it must be working great also. each of item might have a little difference.

Well suitable for pressurized Co2 system.

Getting Basic, Easy, Simply, Nano, Cool, Low Price, Good Looking!

It is suitable for a lot of nano to medium size of tank.

You could refer the diffusivity result on my YouTube video as above.

It is useable for the new design on the outlet of glass. The outlet is rougher than the general Nano glass Co2 diffuser.

It’s really worth to try and using it.

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