Co2 Diffuser 4 in 1 DIY Check Valve Bubble Counter U-shape Air Intake All in One

By Sony Xperia Z in water (AUTO Mode)[1080p HD]

Item Description & Using Experience
  • U-shape Air Intake
  • Check Valve
  • Bubble Counter
  • Ultramicropore Atomization

The Ultramicropore ceramic plate made with special technology can easily produce even and atomizing bubbles to reach the best dissolution efficiency.

The material is anti-ageing, corrosion resisting and permeable, and the bubble counter is readable; the windpipe has a U-shape air intake and is hard to bend.

It’ s worth to try and using them.

Usage Tips :

Turn on the roof cover, take out the diffuser, fill it with water, and then lock the cover (you can use a soft cloth to help lock or open the cover); hold the bottom of the bent pipe, insert Co2 output pipe into the air intake and lock the sucker.

Important Notes :

FDSC_0205 FDSC_0204

Bubbles may gather in the diffuser on the first days of use and will generally disappear in 24 hours. After a long period of use, it’s possible that the air is hard to get out from the diffuser or algae may jam it, then you can soak it in bleaching liquid or replace it.

Payment & shipping method
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