Bacopa monnieri “Compact”

Item specifics

Family : Plantaganaceae

Origin : Pantropical and Subtropics

Height : 5 cm – 10+ cm

Width : 3 cm

Temperature : 15 – 30° C

pH : 5.0 – 9.0

Light : Medium to High

Growth : Medium

Demands : Easy

 Item Description

Bacopa Monnieri is more compact and under good light conditions, almost a creeping plant. By pinching off all vertical growing shoots, the plant can maintain a low and close growth, since it willingly creates a large number of side shoots. Further, the plant grows well in the shadow of other plants. Very suitable as a bit higher carpet – or bushy plant in the middle or front of the aquarium. The plant becomes more vertical growing and less compact without Co2 additive and decreased light conditions.

Packaging and Handling

We would use the excellent package that issued the most protection for the fresh and beautiful plants.

Plants Arrival Caution

During the shipment, although any leaves might incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. It could be revived in a suitable environment for living. So please don’t worry about these conditions, leaves will spread to the normal status.


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