Up Aqua Co2 Regulator Manometer A148 for Aquarium Co2 Diffuser Live Plants


Up simple regulator designed to easily connect.

Simply tighten the regulator clockwise direction by hand, without the need of any tool.

Endure High-pressure design, without air leak.

Precision design, easily to adjust, stable and accurate Co2 output.

The thread is made for UK, Europe, Japan and Taiwan standard (JIS m22-14), 22mm in diameter.

Please note that this M22-14 do not fit cylinder in USA and Canada.


1 Bar = 1.02 kg/cm2

1 Bar = 14.5 psi

1 Mpa = 10 bars

To release simple regulator from the Co2 bottle, to be sure the valve of the bottle is close, then release remnant gas pressure from the regulator, then unscrew from the bottle.

Do not unscrew the regulator before remnant gas pressure released, that cause damage of the regulator O-ring.


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