Aquarium Co2 Diffuser Check Valve J Shape Glass Tube Suction Cup PU Air Tubing Thermometer PVC BOX SET PACKAGE

Item Description & Using Experience

Economy convenient package for a lot of aquatic hobbyist.

For all item detail info, please refer my other post.

Getting Basic, Easy, Simply, Nano, Cool, Low Price, Good Looking!

It’s worth to try and using them.


USD$ 14.99 for 1 PVC box set

Included :

Glass Co2 Diffuser  x 1
J Shape Glass Tube   x 1
Glass Thermometer  x 1
Check Valve   x 1
Suction Cup  x 1
Suction Cup(Premium) x 1
Pu Air Tubing  x 1
PVC box (use for protection) x 1

Payment & shipping method
(Please kindly click this link for processing my eBay listing.)
Packaging and Handling

We would use the PVC plastic box issued the excellent protection.

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